An interview with my parents


I was raised in a great home with loving parents who taught me the gospel and helped my to become the person that I am today.  My parents weren’t strict, but I knew what was expected of me.  They were always there to guide me and help me when I needed them.  For my class, I chose to interview my parents about their parenting style.

What influenced your parenting style

  • Our love for our children and our desire to raise our children to love the gospel, develop a testimony and live the commandments.  We also raised our children the way that Dad was raised.  Not too strict, but everyone knew the rules.

What is your parenting style?

  • Not overly strict, but our children always knew what we expected of them.  We wanted our children to have fun and we tried not to get too serious.  We allowed our children to learn from their mistakes, but we were always there to give direction and help them through.
  • Mom:  I learned from my mother that it is OK to make mistakes and I tried to be that way as a mother too.  To be patient with my children and allow them to make mistakes.

What were your objectives as parents?

  • We wanted to raise our children to become strong and independent adults.  We wanted to raise kids that would grow to be active in the church, serve missions, be married in the temple, be educated, develop good life skills and be able to raise families of their own.  We wanted our boys to be worthy priesthood holders.  We wanted our children to set good goals and be surrounded by positive peer pressures.

How do you believe that you followed your own ideal?

  • We feel like we did a pretty good job.  As parents, we always saw eye to eye on parenting.  We were on the same page.  Our children have all grown to become adults that we are very proud of.

What were your greatest challenges as parents?

  • Dad: Not showing enough love and affection.  I felt like I didn’t give enough hugs or tell my kids that I loved them.  I didn’t come from an overly affectionate home, so that didn’t come naturally.  (For the record, I always knew that my dad loved us…without a doubt!)
  • Mom: It was challenging to not always know what to do.  It was also a challenge as a mother to feel like there were never enough hours to get everything done.

What are your greatest joys as parents?

  • Dad: We have 5 of them! (His children)
  • Seeing our children grow to be successful adults and having families of their own and watching them do the same things with their children.  We are blessed with our grandchildren and they bring us joy.  Our children all had good friends, good values and good education.  Looking back we can see all the blessings that have come to our children through prayer.  It brings us joy to see our children progress through their covenants of baptism and temple marriage and to see our sons as worthy priesthood holders.

Thanks Mom and Dad!



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