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For my Family Proclamation class, I chose to make a list of our family’s traditions and categorize them as formal or informal.  The idea of the project was to look at the traditions that are currently in place and see if there were any the needed to be discontinued.  Elder Hallstrom said this about family traditions in his conference talk from October, 2000:

Unwanted traditions are those which lead us away from performing holy ordinances and keeping sacred covenants. Our guide should be the doctrine taught by the scriptures and the prophets. Traditions which devalue marriage and family, abase women or do not recognize the majesty of their God-given roles, honor temporal success more than spiritual, or teach that reliance upon God is a weakness of character, all lead us away from eternal truths.

Of all the traditions we should cultivate within ourselves and our families, a “tradition of righteousness” should be preeminent.

Our traditions:


  • Family prayer each night before bed
  • Family scripture study each night before bed
  • Prayers before dinner
  • Family Home Evening on Monday nights
  • Special birthday dinners.  The birthday boy/girl gets to choose what and where to eat.
  • 7-11 a fun game that we play each Thanksgiving.
  • Christmas eve dinner.  We have a fancy dinner followed by a nativity reading with Christmas carols
  • Christmas eve pajamas and a book for each child
  • The pickle ornament.  Santa hides a pickle ornament  on our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  The person who finds the pickle receives a special gift.
  • Father’s blessings before the start of each school year.
  • Sunday’s are missionary prep days for the boys.  They are in charge of cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes after dinner.  They practice skills that they will need to have when they are on their own in the mission field.
  • Family trip to Utah each summer to spend time with family and cousins.
  • Special Valentines dinner as a family with heart shaped pizza.


  • Homemade pizza once a week
  • Play would you rather at dinner time
  • Saturday morning donuts
  • Everyone reports the best part of their day at family dinner
  • holiday baking
  • Mom and Dad tuck each boy in bed at night with hugs, kisses, and the bedbug phrase

    Goodnight, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. If they do, swat them with your shoe and they’ll turn black and blue and I love you!…Me too!

  • Donuts before our drive to Utah

Some traditions that we want to implement

  • Hike the Y every summer
  • Celebrate “Boxing Day” the day after Christmas.  My husband served his mission in England and it would be fun to bring an English tradition into our home.
  • Cookie dates.  Weekly couples counsel while enjoying cookies.  My instructor shared this idea with us in my Family Proclamation class.  What a fun way to connect with your spouse, discuss marriage and parenting issues and also just enjoy spending time together.

This is a great article about family traditions with a list of traditions that you can implement into your own families.