Family Fun

Spending time together as a family doesn’t have to be a big production or cost lots of money.  Some of my most treasured memories of family time growing up are the simple things that we did.  I think that the most important thing is to just make it happen.  Here are some fun and inexpensive ways that we can enjoy time with our families.  Afterall, it’s about making memories and spending quality time together.  Here are some ideas for free or cheap ideas to create fun memories with your family:

  1. Movie nights at home
  2. bike rides
  3. hiking
  4. flag football
  5. kickball
  6. picnics at the park
  7. sledding
  8. build a snowman
  9. rake leaves and jump in them
  10. service projects
  11. Bake and decorate cupcakes.  Share them with your neighbors
  12. Crazy Cafe
  13. Backyard camping
  14. school yard games (i.e. hopscotch, 4 square, tetherball, jump rope etc.)
  15. make s’mores
  16. Take an art lesson at home
  17. create self portraits
  18. family pizza night–everyone makes a homemade personal pizza
  19. family game night
  20. Candy bar game
  21. spend an afternoon at the library
  22. skip rocks
  23. plant a garden
  24. go for a ride
  25. play lawn games (i.e. badminton, croquet, ladder toss)

Want to learn more about wholesome recreational activities?  Check out this article.

More ideas here!


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